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Album Review: SBTRK – SBTRK

July 1, 2011

the absolute furiousness (not a word, as of yet) of his earlier mixes was mostly what got b-heads in a tizzy. admission i was one. there was a cleverness, adrenalin and a small amount of professionalism which had been missing in tracks at the time. so now the new sbtrkt album:

right off the bat its an album. so all u haters out there. this is meant to move copies. there is a line of thought which has a big negative on those who put vocals on every other track. i dont oppose that logic. but if a dudes ready they should make a big album. you dont council a baller to fluff a shot to stay in the minors. that said. there is a better way to deal with the instrumentals when they are no longer ur bread and butter. here they feel like afterthoughts. while they creep nicely into your headphones, they deserved more space. on to the vocal tracks. they pop. almost too well for a dude who hides behind an anthropology mask. i thoroughly enjoyed the range sbtrk pulls out here.  there are no skream la roux duo ups here (will revisit that album later this season), but plenty of top gear beat pop to take you through the summer.

the tracks: the soul shuffle of “never never.” gets a big grab on “a seat next to you” on the smart snare. at the end of the day its the “right thing to do”

its derivative. but we need that now.

Right Thing to Do

the album is out on young turks
buy it on itunes or boomkat
there is a japan horror inspired video for wildfire


le.tanque xxxx nights: cam.hyder

September 26, 2010

we would like to present a new mix series to the blog.  le.tanque xxxx nights.  a challenge to come up with a new mix series was sent out to the le.tanque contributors and friends of contributors.

the first artist in the series is our very own cam hyder.  this first mix represents everything behind the thought of le.tanque xxxx nights.  it’s all about the special tracks that you listen to on your home stereo.  it’s the mix that’s to sharp for a dinner party, but can’t quite make the club.  it’s for those snowed in saturday nights or those nothing to do sunday mornings.  it’s new smoke or old scotch.  a moment to yourself to lay back on the couch with the headphones on.  not so much a dj mix as a collection of thoughts and favorite songs, new and old.

le.tanque xxxx nights: cam.hyder

california dreamin’ – bobby womack
moth – burial & four tet
maze – actress
brock lee riddim – deadboy
hannibal – caribou
gentle giant (martyn’s heaven remix) – tiga
smile and receive (apparat remix) – swayzak
reckoner (diplo remix) – radiohead
archangel – burial
ygtl (the xx remix) – florence + the machine
to london – falty dl
so derobe – joy orbison
cicles (martyn’s round & round remix) – detachments
globetrotting – jahdan blakkamoore
gave you all my love (matt shadetek remix) – dj/rupture
i<3 dr. girlfriend – kyle hall
my comet – onra
love nothing – andy stott
before I move off – mount kimbie
nothing like this – j dilla
93 til infinity – souls of mischief
be with (instrumental) – koushik
accordian – madvillain
anidea – guido