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Sweetie & ShAG

June 10, 2011

Sweetie & Shag (Featuring Kazu Makino)



Soft Metals – Psychic Driving

June 9, 2011

Soft Metals – Psychic Driving

gorgeous track out of portland. westcoast shoegazing ala readymade.


Rich B$%$#

May 22, 2011

Battles vs. Matias = ice cream

May 22, 2011

We’re New Here

March 4, 2011

Gil Scott-Heron

Jamie XX’s remix album “We’re New Here” of Gil Scott-Heron is stunning. I was admittedly sceptical, having been subjected to loads of horrendous spoken word and beats albums back in the 90s. Gil Scott-Heron, in addition to being considered the “godfather of rap” for his spoken word “The Revolution will not be Televised,” is also an insane crack fiend, blow torch by the sofa kind of fiend. In a brilliant article in the New Yorker he comes across as a musically gifted Bubbles.

The word you are going to hear alot of in reviews is soul. And that it does. Remixed by XX beat maker, producer, and dubstep DJ Jamie Smith and produced by XL’s Richard Russell it reminds me at times of early Massive Attack filtered through the XX. Which is pure ear drool for the likes of me. At other moments the tracks are anchored by some vintage sparse dubstep, not unlike James Blake’s new album of aural pleasure (the two albums compliment each other real swell). Buy it.

New York is Killing Me – Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX

Filmic video for “I’ll take care of U” here.




james blake

January 16, 2011

full length on feb 7th. gorgeous.


M’s 2010 Top 10

December 30, 2010

almost didnt get this in before the years end. i was hoping, just a little bit, that there would be some technology involved here. sadly machines havent come that far this year. good luck to you next year machines.

10. Blonde Redhead – Penny Sparkle
for those of you not predisposed to beauty in small fuzzed out scales of bliss… converts guaranteed

9.  Die Antwoord – $0$
ridiculous small girl energy rubs up pure power trash dude. it was a joke until it went way deep fun.

8. The National – High Violet
listening to the national almost excuses you from not reading a good book this year. thats your mystery in her hand, and the key to her flat in new york.

7. Tricky – Mixed Race
muscular beats. soft spoken off tracks. blues. boy is back.

6. Breakage – Foundation
a great album at the right time. a reminder and a quota.

5. Skream – Outside the box
he may have lost a little in the translation, but the lp was well worth the effort.

4. Kid Cudi – Man on the Moon II – The Legend of Mr. Rager
some pussy and mimosas

3. Geographer – Animal Shapes
pure pop bliss. thanks bro.

2. Caribou – Swim
mr. snaith delivers on the promise the boards left us with so many years ago.

1a. Untold – Mass Dreams of the Future / Stereo Freeze
1b. Kingdom – That Mystic Ep
a nice hello to 2011