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random act of kindness

February 1, 2010

just got a white label record given to me out of the blue from a good friend (panda slap!). . ..reminded me that little things you do for people in life really do matter, and that receiving vinyl is still a trillion times better than a free download. unfortunately I can’t share that feeling with all of you because I can’t pass out enough records, but to ease curiosity as to what I am listening to, here is the song I got:

great remix of joker’s (digidesign), with almost that 90’s techno deep organ bass or whatever you call.

the original is still pretty great too


le.tanque radio2

December 8, 2008
panda slap
le.tanque radio2
1. Miles Davis – Sweet Sue, Just You (false start)
2. Augustus Pablo – Cassava Piece
3. Boards Of Canada – Kaini Industries
4. Stacy Epps – Addicted
5. Rozzi Dame – Morning Light
6. Bullion – Long Promised MATT
7. Sugar Hill – Samon Kawamura
8. Cormega – Interlude
9. Alliance Ethnik – Darwa Interlude (Avec Gad Elmaleh & Djamel)
10. Samiyam – Return
11. Black Milk – So Gone
12. Bullion – God Only Knows
13. prankcallsu – chinesedoorbell
14. Bullion – I’m Waiting For The Day
15. bruce lee speaks
16. Trus Me – Drilling
17. static phone call
18. Steve Spacek – Ure a star
19. Umod – On the down low
20. Slumgullion – Castlevania
21. Kelis – Bossy (FlyLo rmx)

Mixtape Monday Vol. 2

September 9, 2008

A week has gone by in a blink of an eye!  I was out of ideas and then this brilliant mix came on while I was surfing the internet. . .Here’s a mix by Panda Slap of Wolfpack from about 6 months ago.  To all you listeners, you win!