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wishful thinking

February 7, 2010

Cave diving is a trip and it would have been even more awesome with underwater headphones.

This is the soundtrack to my underwater explorations

Qawwali- Pinch


2009 recap

January 13, 2010

2009 was big year for music lovers with LA producers bridging the gap from the UK dominance we have seen in years past. Calgary brought in some big big names and turned out to be some big big shows. My top 5 shows in 2009 were:

5. Nosaj Thing (December) Big name to end the year in Calgary. His own songs rocked but the crowd was all over the place not too sure if they were  digging the experimental sound.  I think it’s only going to get  bigger in  2010. We were all waiting for him to bring it but we were left hanging.

 Reckoner (Nosaj Thing Remix)

4. Caspa  ( February show) A sports bar in the NE turned into your typical dubstep show over oversized hoodies,  scarves over the face, hula hoops a flying and fairy costumes. Opener Dj Excision hyped the crowd proving why he’s a big at Shambala.  First time seeing a vinyl show only which was cool. It basically went like this….

3. Skream ( June) proving dubstep don title and stage diving ( to this song)! Hilarious! How many DJs have you seen stage dive? A castless broken arm couldn’t even keep me away.

Blinded By The Lights (Nero Remix)

2. Flying Lotus ( July) Cutting edge show I’ll never forget .  I knew I was hearing, feeling the new sound that is influencing the other massive LA producers. Gotta love the glitchy bleepy symphony.

LTWRMX- Flying Lotus

1. Daedelus ( November) might be controversial putting this show ahead of FlyLo but I had no expectations for this one and it blew me away…kept me happy for a whole week. It’s been said before but he is a genius and puts it all together oh so well.

Make It So (XXXChange Remix)

Worst/ annoying song 2009:

Dizzee Rascal and Armand van Helden – Bonkers

Hottest female artist 2009: Taylor Swift; jokes!- La Roux

02 I’m Not Your Toy (Jack Beats Remi

Best Remix: Dj Zinc & Ms Dynamite Wile Out….still to come

Goals for 2010:  To have a night at Low End Theory in LA where Gaslamp Killer is resident DJ.

See Joker!

Gullybrook Lane (Instrumental)- Joker

See Chase & Status ( won’t give up on this one)

Death (Chase & Status Remix)

Mary Anne Hobbs and Annie Mac to visit Calgary. Go big yo!

This list can get a lot longer but I’ll leave it at this.

Notable mentions from 2009 include: Hand delivering Pete Tong the Flexisonic cd!

Catching Rod Azlan along side Rusko- Dubstep! Knees up!

Artlife party.

Big Ups to the Calgary crew braving the cold and staying hard core with the weeknight shows   You are all beautiful people !

Best tip  2010; downloading Low End Theory podcast and pumpin’ it walking to and fro work…episode 10 Nobody and Free the Robots is highly recommended. It will add that extra spice in your mundane daily routines.