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planet mu juke?

May 7, 2010

believe it.  the label has just recently announced a few new signings and amongst them is chicago native and dj/producer nathan clark, aka DJ NATE.  don’t know much about him but at some point last year i came across his track ‘give dat man room’ and became immediately obsessed/haunted. amongst a seemingly bottomless digital playlist this track always seems to rival the top. ghetto dread juke?  his song structure is built around endlessly looped and layered vocals and seems an impossible formula but somehow it works.

planet mu has signed dj nate for a single and an album, both scheduled for release this fall.  can’t wait to see where the new music goes.

Give Dat Man Room

ima dog rmx

Speaking of odd fits for labels, did anyone catch Tectonic picking up Pursuit Grooves for the Fox Trot Mannerisms release? ah yes, the uk dubstep/post-dilla future beat collisions continue…

Pursuit Grooves – Pressure

Pursuit Grooves – I Can C Y


keeping current in the contemporary music landscape

June 8, 2009

The polka album nod has been eliminated.    oh, poor walter ostanek.

below is what turned up in a search for polka and accordion in my itunes.  will polka be missed?

Hudson Mohawke – Polkadot Blues

Pursuit Grooves – Polka Dot Gravy      (automatic download)

Samiyam – Polka Bots

polka may be dead, but long live the accordion

Madvillain – Accordian   (automatic download)

nuevo artista – ill joyous accordeon


pursuit grooves

June 2, 2009


pursuit grooves, perhaps the best genre specific tag ever? 

her synth snare stutter… dame… on repeat for days, stands out in a crowded scene

pursuit grooves – too much time

Cinnaman & Jay Scarlett Present – Pursuit Grooves – Push Up