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a few favorites

November 20, 2009

I randomly stumbled upon a Radiohead remix done by Leftfield. As Idiotheque is definitely my fav Radiohead song, (probably since it’s  their most electronic sounding and  it also doesn’t leave you feeling sad as Thom Yorke is quite capable of doing)  I thought I would share as in my opinion Radiohead and Leftfield are in a  class of their own. I saw Radiohead live in concert at Thunderbird stadium ( 2003)  and the best way to describe it: It Changes your Life!  

Idiotheque remix

To follow, here’s a Leftfield classic from the album entitled  Leftism.

Space Shanty

and to finish off, here’s a track from Gemmy that reminds me of Leftfield  because of the the old electronica  beat mixed in new glitchy wonky sounds. Rainbow Roads is included  on Mary Ann Hobbs’ new compilation Wild Angels. If you still aren’t tuning into her show on BBC Radio 1 Wednesday nights, I strongly encourage you to start. …and it will get you saying “maximum respect”

Rainbow Road


Remix Radiohead

September 28, 2008

No matter what, radiohead always seems to end up on everyone’s playlists.  After hearing about how great the concert in Vancouver was I started playing some of my radiohead tracks. . .and came across these gems.  Remixes by Modeselektor, Flying Lotus and Diplo.  How can you go wrong!  Basically three of my fav. djs/producers/groups right now!!  (yes I know the modeselektor track is not a remix, but still it’s got that famous Thom Yorke sound on top of it so I am including it in the post).

Soon I will be able to get some new good new music up, my basement is getting reconverted into a recording studio.  After 2 months of storage, the equipment is all coming out again!  Will keep you posted. . .