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2009 Best Label: Ramp Recordings

January 4, 2010

no secret this was one of my favorite labels of 2009.  management showed an ear for talent and genre pushing production, seeking out artists from the UK (slugabed, zomby, shortstuff) and from across the pond (falty dl, ras g, samiyam), all the while maintaining the allure of a low-key label (bare bones myspace page, release info distributed through second hand sources only).  so what can we expect in 2010 from ramp recordings? its anyone’s guess, but expect the goods!  a new 12 from desto in january is all that has been confirmed (red bull music academy 2008 graduate).  if the desto release is anything to gauge, ramp will be continuing with post-garage bass music (yes!) and i wouldn’t be surprised to see further releases from west coast beat makers with choice remix selections on the flip.  if one may speculate,  Tokimonsta (so hot!) and LA based P.U.D.G.E were part of a ramp party in November so perhaps we will be hearing something from them in 2010?  i’m one to hope.

a few ramp related selections…

Desto Feat. Wild Bill Ricketts – Phase2

Maxmillion Dunbar – Bare Feet

P.U.D.G.E. – Pirate radio Mix

and a soundtrack for bike touring September 2009… Tlell to Skidegate: east facing beaches, empty highway, towering pines and light rain. Tom@Ramp, a prescription for vibe on Haida Qwaii




August 23, 2009



July 19, 2009

ramp recordings has been killing it this year with their releases.  labels with consistent niche approaches are always the most exciting to follow and ramp definitely falls into this category with their own brand of “wonky” dubstep.  foremost amongst much talent on the imprint is slugabed, the 19 year old Bath beat machine.  young cats schooling the field, this music is some rudeboy fiya!


Slugabed – Lets Go Swimming

LaRoux – In for the kill (Slugabed rekindle)

slugabeatmix  10min

and then there is the rick james track, limited pressing out now on stuff.  my only regret from the projections show is not playing this record.  love it


rick james – superfreak (slugabed remix)  clip


&&&  stay tuned for the zomby one foot ahead of the other release out this summer on ramp.