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July 19, 2009

ramp recordings has been killing it this year with their releases.  labels with consistent niche approaches are always the most exciting to follow and ramp definitely falls into this category with their own brand of “wonky” dubstep.  foremost amongst much talent on the imprint is slugabed, the 19 year old Bath beat machine.  young cats schooling the field, this music is some rudeboy fiya!


Slugabed – Lets Go Swimming

LaRoux – In for the kill (Slugabed rekindle)

slugabeatmix  10min

and then there is the rick james track, limited pressing out now on stuff.  my only regret from the projections show is not playing this record.  love it


rick james – superfreak (slugabed remix)  clip


&&&  stay tuned for the zomby one foot ahead of the other release out this summer on ramp.