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Four Tet

March 22, 2010

I realized there has never been a post about Four Tet (Kieran Hebdan) on letanque and figured it’s about time.  He has had a huge influence on me and I am sure on countless other musicians and producers.  I think I have had a crush on his music for almost a decade.  He started as the remix king (sia, madvillain, 2-disc remix album) and then continued on with some really solid solo albums (dialogue, pause, my angel rocks back and forth, everything ecstatic) to name a few.  He sort of disappeared off my radar until his dj-kicks album came out.  It was amazing when it came out but I didn’t quite understand it.  Now, 30 listens and 4 years later I can finally give a wag of my finger and say that he taught me a lesson and I didn’t know it. Now everyone wants to remix him. FFWD today and I can’t get enough of some recent singles/collaborations (burial – moth/wolfcub),   (love cry – remixed by roska, joy orbison), (sing – floating points remix).  Not to mention his newest album – The Is Love In You. I think the number one compliment as a dj or producer would be to work with FOUR TET.

I realize as I search around that I am totally late on this post as he appeared on BBC Radio one not too long ago.  that’s ok,  he deserves more credit.

Some favorites that everyone should have:

As Serious as Your Life [Jay Dee Remix]

And Then Patterns

Rhinestone Cowboy



letanque’s been missing a little…

March 8, 2010


Now that the pukak layer has melted, the sun is shining Roska’s your spring time bounce.

The Sheppard

Supafly (Roska Remix)

Neighbourhood 09 (Roska Remix)

bonus: NV home video



funky… dubstep minus the mid-range ‘talking fart machine’

March 26, 2009

what is funky?  another dubstep subgenre? a new style of uk house music? or just broken beat in disguise?  well whatever it is i’m lovin’ it.  check out what the guardian has to say about it.

here are a few selections…


kode 9 – 2bad



low – moment of truth



darkus beat company – promises (roska remix)


bassline ting get 4 to the floor

March 24, 2009


this music is too much fun!

roska-in your_handbag_rekless_baseline_mix

nb funky – nutz baseline mix



this last one (promises), wait  for  the funky breakdown midway and close! very nice.