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September 24, 2010

first run on the apc40. its rather bangin so take it outside.

driven – the common wealth


north american maple

September 18, 2010

north american maple

(shit im listening to a lot)

nebraska – bruce springsteen
perferated – skream
phreqaflex – falty dl
fields of emotion – skream
fogs – kingdom


end ship post

May 8, 2010


islands (untold remix) – the xx
heartbreaker – deadboy
tracers – scuba
bad girls – untold
biscuit – benga (common wealth edit)
bass face – benga & walsh
higher – breakage
justified (feat. erin) – breakage
nike – mosca
reminder – sully


open hand clenched fist

March 14, 2010

avaz masnari – mohammed reza shajarian
ghosts have a heaven – actress
quadruple gold dipped – micha
lost in thoughts – kabale und liebe
encore – anton piete
los chicanos (claude monnet) – klement bonelli & johannes brahms
sax my bitch up (audio jack) – joey negro
go bowling (the glitz) – lee van dowski
night bell – plasmik
love machine – anton piete
her scent – anton piete
hard – breakage

open hand clenched fist


the common wealth: desert tape (ultra lo-fi)

December 5, 2009

kuwait: boys interested in picking up the ladies need to get in their dad’s bmw and drive out into the desert; hopefully there will be some ladies doing the same. toss the mix tape from your window to hers. sometimes you miss. the first track starts there a found tape in the desert and continues the lo-fi up until the emotional present. you have a single speaker radio glued to you ear. dance.

found desert tape

shadia – desert tape

headhunter – in motion

king midas sound – cool out

pearson sound – WAD

matias aguayo – de papei (feat. max turner)

demetrio giannici – rock me

loco dice – pimp jackson is talking now!!!

WBEEZA – he so crazy

rhythm of elements – praia (Karizma Stomp remix)

gotye – hearts a mess (Supermayer mix)